We are passionate about making a positive contribution our communities.

We provide our technology to support disaster resilience, access remote communities and help fight disease.

We utilise the talent of our people to develop education programmes to help shape a brighter future for the next generation.

We create and contribute to a variety of initiatives that benefit societies across the globe.


Our people are our most valuable asset.

They are at the heart of our company ‑ designing, engineering, building and delivering new products and services.

We nurture their talent, ideas and innovation to tackle some of the biggest challenges facing society – from pollution to the revolution in mobility.

We maximise the talents of our workforce by offering lifelong learning opportunities for colleagues through the Jaguar Land Rover Academy.

We embrace their diversity, to enable us to foster a rich variety of voices, mind‑sets and experiences, thereby fuelling innovation and creativity. We believe in valuing all colleagues equally and are committed to creating an environment where everyone can flourish.

We offer vocational support to the Armed Forces Community with the goal of being the employer of choice for those leaving the military.


To make a positive social impact, we believe you need to think big… and small.

We believe in adding value to every community in which we operate.

We have combined the talents of our people with our latest technology to deliver meaningful and targeted social impact projects around the world, from global projects benefiting millions to local initiatives helping individuals and communities around our facilities.

Through our global social impact programme we work in partnership with a range of charitable, humanitarian and environmental organisations to deliver long term sustainable development and social benefits to communities around the world.

Our “hyper local” approach enables us to make a real difference to our communities, utilising the skills of our people and our wider resources to support initiatives and good causes where we live and work.

JLR allotment will provide fresh produce to the local community