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Natural disasters can strike at any time, so Land Rover and the Red Cross are helping people in remote areas to prepare for the worst.
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Beyond individual volunteering efforts, we actively support our long-standing charitable partners around the world.


International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

Land Rover’s strategic support of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) is one of the world’s oldest humanitarian partnerships.

We have enabled the organisation to carry out its vital work for more than 60 years, in some of the world’s harshest and most remote locations, thanks to Land Rover’s peerless all-terrain technologies.

This enduring support has been more necessary than ever through the global COVID-19 pandemic. We have deployed more than 160 vehicles around the world, to support local emergency responses during the crisis.

The British Red Cross used 57 vehicles to deliver medicine and food to vulnerable people across the UK.

Our teams in Spain, France, South Africa and Australia have all loaned vehicles to their Red Cross societies and more are offering help to their local teams.

To find out more about our partnership with the IFRC, click here.

The Tusk Trust

Land Rover has been an official partner of wildlife conservation charity, Tusk Trust, for over 15 years. The mission of the Tusk Trust is to amplify the impact of progressive conservation initiatives across Africa.

For more than 30 years, it has worked across more than 20 countries, increasing vital protection for over 70 million hectares of land and more than 40 different threatened species.

Land Rover’s technology, innovation, skills and funding has contributed to the impressive scope of Tusk’s work. Our vehicles have tackled challenging terrain and allowed project managers to carry out vital field work, allowing people and wildlife to thrive together.

In 2019, a specially-camouflaged Defender prototype underwent a rigorous testing programme in Kenya, at the 14,000-hectare Borana Conservancy. While taking the final steps towards production, the new Defender was able to support Tusk’s lion conservation programme, highlighting the critical situation faced by lions across Africa.

To find out more about our partnership with the Tusk Trust, click here. 

Royal Geographical Society

Land Rover is a long-standing partner of The Royal Geographical Society (with IBG).

The Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) is the UK’s learned society for Geography. It supports and promotes geographical research, education, fieldwork and expeditions, and the transfer of knowledge to policy.

Land Rover and the RGS have shared the same passion for discovery for more than 40 years, with the brand supporting the Society’s fieldwork and expedition activities, providing vehicles and expertise, funding and training.

From the front line of malaria control in Africa, to -50 degrees Celsius in the frozen tundra of Siberia, Land Rovers have proved essential to teams embarking on challenging expeditions, beyond their normal limits and boundaries.

To find out more about our partnership with the Royal Geographical Society, click here.