Jaguar Land Rover Academy

Jaguar Land Rover is building a world class Learning Academy to support lifelong education and development. Our vision is to provide inspiring and thought-provoking experiences for all our people, from apprentices through to our leaders. 
We apply a blended format of desk based and interactive practices, demanding an inherent level of curiosity and engagement from participants. We recognised that the biggest influence on anyone's personal development is from within and we therefore encourage our employees to be daring and bold when it comes to maximising their potential.


It is essential for people to be curious about the world around them and prioritise their personal development in order to be readily equipped to embrace future career opportunities. 

The value of our people lies in their continued development and in our commitment to ensure everyone is qualified with the relevant skills and expertise to grow and develop, optimising performance, whatever their role or specialism. 

We are fanatical about knowledge sharing and believe an essential ingredient in the Academy‚Äôs success is the environment of organic information transfer we encourage here at Jaguar Land Rover. A network of mentors are in place at all levels throughout the business to coach and mentor others, maximising team performance and encouraging personal growth.  

Through the Jaguar Land Rover Learning Academy we nurture and inspire our people to embrace change, dare to be different and have the tenacity to acquire knowledge.