Visiting Jaguar Land Rover Whitley (Coventry)


Jaguar Land Rover Limited, 
Abbey Road,

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Here are some details we would like you to be aware of before you arrive at the Whitley site.

Before Your Visit

Your host will be arranging the details of your visit so if you have any questions please get in contact with them as soon as possible. Once you have been signed in to a Jaguar Land Rover facility you will be expected to follow all directions given by your host that pertain to our security and your health, safety and welfare.

Jaguar Land Rover requires all visitors to show a valid form of Photo Identification* before being allowed to enter any of our sites. Please contact your host directly if this will be an issue to you as unfortunately without it, access will be denied.

*Accepted forms of ID:

  • Passport

  • Driving Licence Photo Card

  • Provisional Driving Licence Photo Card

  • Validate UK Photo Card

  • Bio-metric Residence Permit

  • Warrant Card

    - Health and Safety Executive
    - Police
    - Military or Armed Forces

Visitor Parking

All Visitors to Whitley must use the Jaguar Land Rover Park and Ride service from Coventry Airport, Automotive House, Rowley Road, CV3 4PY. If you are using satellite navigation it may be more helpful to input ‘Rowley Road, Coventry’ as the destination.

At the entrance to Coventry Airport, you will be directed to a parking space and the Jaguar Land Rover Reception Point by the local security officer.

Reception Point

On arrival, you will be asked to show your Valid Government Issued Photo ID so Business Protection can book you in. You will be given a Visitor Pass which should be clearly displayed throughout your time with us. At this time Business Protection will inform you of the next available Shuttle Bus to Whitley and show you where you can wait.

You will need to show the Shuttle Bus driver your Visitors Pass to board the bus and then follow any direction given by the driver. Seatbelts must be worn at all times.

The Shuttle Service will take approximately 10 minutes to get to the Whitley site but time may vary at peak travel times. On arrival at Whitley, the Shuttle will enter the site through the main gate drop you at the Shuttle Bus stop inside the site. Once off the Shuttle, please use the crossing points to move safely to Main Reception.

On arrival Business Protection will ask you to sign in while they contact your host to come to collect you.

While on Site

The Whitley site is a large complicated facility so you must follow your host’s instructions with regards to your health, safety and wellbeing. If at any point you are unsure, you must ask for help.

Photography is strictly prohibited without a Business Protection issued permit.

At the end of your visit

Your host will escort you back to Main Reception where you will be asked to sign out before boarding the Shuttle Bus back to Coventry Airport. Shuttle Buses are running continually but if you are slightly early, seating is available in Main Reception.

Once back at Coventry Airport you will need to return your Visitor Pass to the Jaguar Land Rover Reception Point before you leave.


Will visitors have to queue?
No the visitor will be issued with their visitor permit at the reception at the park and ride site. Please note visitors who do not book in at the park & ride depot will be turned away at the Whitley gatehouse and asked to go to the park & ride site.

People with a disability or mobility issues will not be turned away, neither will visitors who are carrying heavy tools and equipment or visitors arriving by Taxi.

How long will the journey take?
The journey will take approximately 10 minutes, subject to traffic conditions.

How often will the services run?
Services start at 07.30 and run until 18.00, with a frequency time of every 15 minutes.

Getting on the bus.
Please note that the bus drivers will check visitor permits or access cards before leaving the park & ride.

A coach also runs from the same location to Gaydon – passengers must check the bus destination (shown on the front of the bus) prior to boarding.

Every so often bag searches may be undertaken at the venue or on the coach. This is standard procedure according to site policy.

What facilities are at the park & ride site?
There is a visitor reception and lounge area to wait at. This is sign-posted Visitor Reception Area where visitors may also purchase hot/cold drinks and snacks.

What happens if the bus breaks down ?
Travel de Courcey will make every effort to supply another bus to allow passengers to continue with their journey.

What happens if the service doesn’t run due to bad weather ?
On the rare occasion that the service is unable to run, Travel de Courcey will inform Jaguar Land Rover if services cannot run and the person booking that individual onto site will need to inform the visitor that they need to park at the Whitley site on that occasion.

How secure is the Park & Ride site?
The site is surrounded by high fences with lighting and CCTV. Additionally, the service providers hire security officers at the site and Jaguar Land Rover hire two security officers. These officers will be on site from 06.00am to 19.30.

What happens to lost property?
After each journey, the driver will check the coach for lost property, where items are found they will record the item against the journey time for ease of returning the property to the owner. Please contact Travel de Courcey on 024 7630 2656 if you believe you may have left an item on the bus.

There will also be a lost property drawer at the Jaguar Land Rover Visitor Reception Office.