Today, we are transforming for tomorrow. Our vision is a world of sustainable, smart mobility: Destination Zero. We are driving towards a future of zero emissions, zero accidents and zero congestion – even zero waste.  We seek conscious reductions, embracing the circular economy and giving back to society. 

Technologies are changing but the core ingredients of Jaguar Land Rover remain the same: responsible business practices, cutting - edge innovation and outstanding products that offer our customers a compelling combination of the best British design and engineering integrity. 

Customers are at the heart of everything we do. Whether going above and beyond with Land Rover, or being fearlessly creative with Jaguar, we will always deliver experiences that people love, for life. 

In 2008, Jaguar and Land Rover was bought by Tata Motors, India’s largest automobile manufacturer, and officially joined together as one company in 2013. 


Our Blueprint

The Jaguar Land Rover Blueprint represents who we are and what we stand for – our purpose, our passions and our values. People connect with Jaguar and Land Rover, whether they are employees, customers or partners. Experiences link our two great brands, making memories for life.