Our Culture

At Jaguar Land Rover our people are at the heart of everything we do. Whether going Above and Beyond with Land Rover or being Fearlessly Creative with Jaguar, our purpose is always to deliver experiences that people love, for life.


Our culture is fuelled by a passion to inspire brilliance within our people. We believe in a workplace that is safe and inclusive, an environment that fosters respect, nurtures creativity and showcases the pioneers of our future.

A future that starts with programmes such as Further Futures, and is steered by the experience of some of our most respected employees. Across Jaguar Land Rover we have 677 colleagues with 20,780 years’ worth of combined experience and knowledge. These colleagues have been with the business for over 25 years, and continue to drive our business forward today.

We recognise that every one of us at Jaguar Land Rover has an important part to play in our future and together we work to a set of common business behaviours, our Customer First Principles; dependable, easy to do business with, make me feel special, personalised and transparent.

Our Customer First principles inspire everything we do and the way we interact with our people and our customers:

Diversity and Inclusion


As part of our pledge to work even more closely with disabled people we have joined The Valuable 500, a global movement dedicated to ensuring disability inclusion in business. 

The Valuable 500 aims to unlock the true potential of people living with disabilities across the world. The organisation was founded by campaigner and social entrepreneur Caroline Casey, who is legally blind and is committed to safeguarding the topic of disability inclusion at the top of business leadership agendas.  

We are proud to join The Valuable 500 because Jaguar Land Rover understands the importance of making our business and our products more inclusive. We are committed to creating experiences our customers love, for life – and that absolutely includes benefiting disabled people.

Our Networks

We make a conscious effort to look after our employees and ensure Jaguar Land Rover is a great place to work. As part of this conscious effort we proudly support the growing number of active diversity and inclusion employee-led networks with more than 1,500 members across them.

We are committed to creating an environment where everyone can flourish; where employees feel listened to, understood, supported and valued equally. We are proud to champion racial equality in the workplace as the first UK car manufacturer to sign the Business in the Community 'Race at Work Charter'.

We take a zero tolerance approach to racism and discrimination in any form.

The Jaguar Land Rover B.A.M.E network represents, advocates and supports our Black, Asian and minority ethnic members of the Jaguar Land Rover family.

Please visit our Code of Conduct for more information on how Jaguar Land Rover is committed to conducting business fairly.