Embracing Circular Economy




As early adopters of circular economy principles, Jaguar Land Rover has long recognised that “take, make, waste” processes threaten the availability of natural resources and materials upon which we all depend.

Aluminium is a key component of our manufacturing process and vehicle design. Our latest project, REALITY, builds on long-standing work such as 2016’s REALCAR initiative and finds pioneering ways to recover aluminium from end-of-life vehicles to build next-generation models. The process, developed in conjunction with Innovate UK, with a test programme being conducted on Jaguar I-PACE prototypes.

Bringing circularity into the vehicle life cycle, we are recovering and reforming aluminium from used vehicles and giving it a second life in new models. We are a sector leader in the application of aluminium closed-loop production. Working with our suppliers, we reuse up to 75 per cent recycled content in our aluminium alloy grades, from the scrap generated from body pressings.