The Future of Mobility

What Will The Car Of Tomorrow Be Like?


Technology changes every aspect of life, the only certainty is that nothing stays the same. Predicting how things will change is an industry in itself. Some think cars won’t mean as much for us in the future, others say the next generation won’t want to be car owners at all.

Jaguar Land Rover doesn’t see the future that way. We are also evolving as needs change, making cars and services that fit the way we will live our lives. 

The Jaguar FUTURE-TYPE is a vision for the car of 2040 and beyond. The fully autonomous virtual concept explores mobility for the connected world of tomorrow, where vehicles could be shared not owned.

Future Type’s technology is customised to the way you live, dialling up what you do need, and dialling down what you don’t.

At its heart is Sayer – the intelligent steering wheel that will revolutionise the way you live your life. Named after Malcolm Sayer, designer of the E-type, this steering wheel doesn't just stay in your car – it lives in your home and becomes your digital device and trusted companion.

The voice-activated AI steering wheel will be able to carry out hundreds of tasks, answering your questions, connecting you to the news, organising your travel and choosing your entertainment. It will be your go-to device. It is not just the ‘key’ to your car, it’s your membership card for our on-demand service club. A club which offers either sole ownership or the option of sharing the car with others in your community.

We know that world will change, but we believe that the car will remain at the heart of our lives. We are already creating the future today.

Hello, My Name is Sayer

The Intelligent Steering Wheel