Jaguar F-types being transported via train

Transport Impacts

All our vehicles are designed in the UK, but they are dispatched for sale to no less than 177 countries. How we get them there presents us with more opportunities to think progressively and act efficiently.

Finished Jaguar Land Rover vehicles are transported by road, rail and sea. Reducing the environmental impact of these daily journeys is an important part of each vehicle’s life cycle – and one we’re working hard to mitigate. 

  • Sharing Deliveries & Switching to Rail:  We share deliveries with other car manufacturers and switch from road to rail wherever possible. Rail innovation in the last three years including increasing capacity out of Halewood and Castle Bromwich has enabled us to save 1,500 truck journeys. 
  • Reducing Delivery Miles: In the UK we’re reducing truck miles by sending vehicles directly from manufacturing sites to dealers, removing the need for an additional journey via a distribution centre. 

  • Where our components travel from is also a key consideration. In North America, we have begun to ship some components in the same sea freight containers we use to supply spare parts for customers, reducing the number of containers required.