Solar Panels at Jaguar Land Rover Engine Manufacturing Centre

Reducing Emissions

We’re constantly investigating new ways to tackle our carbon footprint as we work towards achieving carbon neutral manufacturing operations by 2020.

Increased efficiency, renewable energy, alternative fuels, offsetting…they all offer potential for us to reduce our emissions footprint. We have already made significant progress with efficiency measures and now we're looking to invest £36million in reducing operational CO2 emissions over the next three years in the UK.

Energy Efficiency

As more customers connect with our innovative vehicles, we have seen our energy demands increase. To mitigate this impact we are implementing a raft of efficiency measures across our operations which so far have led to a 32% reduction in the energy use per vehicle produced.

This is the result of changes to our manufacturing systems as well as the construction of new buildings and the refurbishment of existing ones.

Renewable and Alternative Energy

We are looking to low carbon and renewable supplies to help us bolster energy security and cut emissions. Projects such as the largest roof mounted solar panel array in Britain at £500million Engine Manufacturing Centre near Wolverhampton is reducing the plant's CO2 footprint by over 2,4000 tonnes per year by supplying 30% of the site's energy needs. 


Some emissions are unavoidable. Therefore, while low carbon technology is still developing, we are committed to offsetting these CO2 emissions by investing in sustainable development projects to deliver benefits in other ways.

We offset 100% of our manufacturing assembly emissions and customers can also choose to offset their own vehicle emissions. 

Find out more about the sustainable development projects we support as part of this initiative.