Jaguar Land Rover Production Line


At Jaguar Land Rover we have high standards in everything we do and this includes the very buildings we work in.

As we expand around the world, we want to make sure that any new manufacturing facilities we build comply with our forward thinking principles and practices.

New facilities such as our Wolverhampton engine plant are built in accordance with BREEAM standards – the world’s foremost environmental assessment method. This plant is designed to: 

  • Minimise energy demand with insulated cladding
  • Maximise daylight through its roof design, saving on electric lighting
  • Create natural ventilation with automated louvers, saving on cooling
  • Monitor energy use via sophisticated sensors
  • Store rainwater for use within the plant

We are planning to invest £36 million over the next three years across our UK sites, in improving energy performance through an integrated approach of efficiency, process change and renewable energy. This will help drive us towards reducing the impact of our operations. It will also help us work to the highest standards as we enter new markets.

All our sites adhere to strict controls, and are subject to third party audits and a comprehensive assurance process – to make sure we’re always hitting the mark.

This isn’t just about following rules. It’s about working to the standards we set ourselves and being true to our values.