Supporting Wildlife and Communities

...with Born Free

Wildlife enriches all our lives. The Born Free Foundation rescues animals at risk and helps communities manage their relationship with these stunning species, as the environments we share come under increasing pressure.

Ever since Land Rover featured in the classic Born Free movie, we’ve had a close affinity for this cause. And today we’re proud to have a close partnership supporting this invaluable conservation work in the UK, Kenya, Ethiopia, South Africa, India and Sri Lanka. 

Building Bomas in Kenya

In Kenya, we are playing an important supporting role helping Born Free carry out community outreach campaigns and construct lion-proof ‘bomas’ around Amboseli National Park.

Built with spiny shrubs either side of a reinforced chain fence, bomas are designed to shield communities and their livestock from predatory lions – in turn meaning that fewer lions are killed by villagers who are protecting their cattle.

Born Free rely on Land Rover’s financial and vehicle support to enable workers to cover the wide areas affected whilst building the bomas and reach villages spread far and wide.

Find out more about our unique partnership supporting Born Free in their work around the world:

  • Rescuing big cats from tiny cages
  • Fighting the ivory trade
  • Moving elephants to safe places
  • Care for orphaned chimps
  • Protecting endangered species such as tigers, gorillas and marine turtles

We are committed to making a positive contribution to society. Through our Global Corporate Social Responsibility programme, we are Advancing Knowledge and Improving Lives with investment in health, humanitarian and environmental projects. Ultimately, our goal is to bring positive change to the lives of 12 million people worldwide by 2020.