African woman pumps water from a well

Supporting Water & Sanitation in South Sudan

...with the Austrian Red Cross

In partnership with the Austrian Red Cross (ARC), Land Rover in Austria is funding a project in South Sudan to improve the lives of communities by raising hygiene and sanitation standards through education and practical support. 

The project aims to redevelop 60 hand pumps, drill and equip eight new boreholes and rebuild 12 water yards. With 500 people using the hand pump or borehole and 2,000 using each water yard, this project aims to benefit 58,000 beneficiaries in total.

Since starting the project in December 2011, ARC has seen major improvements in people’s wellbeing and with Land Rover’s support the project will continue to build on its success.

Land Rover is supporting the project by providing both financial assistance and vehicles, making a real and positive contribution to community development in the local area.

We are committed to making a positive contribution to society. Through our Global Corporate Social Responsibility programme, we are Advancing Knowledge and Improving Lives with investment in health, humanitarian and environmental projects. Ultimately, our goal is to bring positive change to the lives of 12 million people worldwide by 2020.