Cathy Freeman

Driving achievement in aboriginal communities

...with the Cathy Freeman Foundation

Learning in all forms is something we value incredibly highly. It’s something we encourage across our organisation and we’re keen to back educational initiatives around the world.

Australia’s indigenous communities experience third world levels of literacy, numeracy, health outcomes and social capabilities. That’s despite living in a country that is amongst the wealthiest in the world.

Land Rover Australia supports the Cathy Freeman Foundation (CFF) – an organisation dedicated to creating vital educational opportunities to improve the outlook for indigenous children. The Foundation supports 600 school-aged children in Palm Island, one of the largest remote indigenous communities in Australia.

We’ve donated a Freelander 2 to assist CFF staff on community outreach programmes. Land Rover also offers a fully funded place on the Modern Apprenticeship Scheme to one Palm Island High School graduate. The successful candidate will attend the Jaguar Land Rover training facility and go on to full time employment at the Palm Island dealership.

We are committed to making a positive contribution to society. Through our Global Corporate Social Responsibility programme, we are Advancing Knowledge and Improving Lives with investment in health, humanitarian and environmental projects. Ultimately, our goal is to bring positive change to the lives of 12 million people worldwide by 2020.