Partnerships with universities

with universities

As part of our campaign to foster excellence in science, technology and engineering, we have numerous links with academia and have established strategic links with key universities in the UK.

In particular, the company has a strong relationship with Warwick University and its Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG). WMG has partnered Jaguar Land Rover in areas of research such as hybrids and materials engineering, as well as educational programmes, such as the £62 million Premium Automotive Research and Development programme.

Jaguar Land Rover is principal sponsor of the WMG Academy for Young Engineers. The Academy is a University Technical College for students aged 14 to 19 which specialises in technical studies and offers full time courses which combine practical and academic studies. Jaguar Land Rover and other employers are shaping the curriculum. The partnership will allow JLR to change outdated perceptions of engineering to encourage more young people to consider engineering and manufacturing careers and generate a future talent pool to address the national shortage of qualified engineers. 

Another key strategic university partner is Coventry University, which annually has in excess of 100 Jaguar Land Rover employees enrolled on first and second degree courses.

These are just two examples of the more than 30 universities and academic institutions across the country, where significant and substantive research and educational activities are conducted in close partnership with Jaguar Land Rover.

The company has established campus teams which target specific universities to nurture relationships and identify potential future graduate recruits. Furthermore, key senior leaders and managers from Jaguar Land Rover are engaged with universities in a direct industrial advisory role.