Secondary school children visit a Jaguar Land Rover factory

with secondary schools

Each of our manufacturing, design and engineering sites has a long-term, collaborative partnership with at least one local secondary school. In addition to promoting STEM subjects and engineering careers, the partnerships focus on raising aspirations, employability skills, school leadership and governance.

We participate in Business in the Community’s Business Class, a Government-endorsed programme which partners companies with local secondary schools in areas of high multiple deprivation to create long-term, sustainable partnerships. We have partnerships with five schools in the Midlands and Merseyside. See Key Partners and Third Parties section for details.

Each partnership is managed by a Jaguar Land Rover employee and involves termly interventions supported by employees aimed at improving academic achievements, employability, governance and sustainability. These activities also promote recruitment opportunities to attract future talent.

Our partner schools have achieved a 12.5% improvement in 5's GCSE grade A*-C in partner schools over the past 2 years. 45% of partner schools’ pupils are 'Pupil Premium'. We work with these students to utilise funding and support social mobility