RGS and Land Rover Expedition Team

Advancing Knowledge
with the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG)

The Royal Geographical Society (with Institute of British Geographers) is one of Land Rover’s longest standing brand partners. Geography is essential in helping us to understand our world - its peoples, places and environments and some of the big issues we face.

Geography has never been more relevant or important than it is today and the Royal Geographical Society (with the IBG) delivers this objective by developing and promoting geographical research through scientific expeditions and fieldwork, education and public engagement, whilst also providing geographical input to policy.

For over 30 years, Land Rover have provided support in the form of vehicles and expertise of outreach and training. Since 2007 we’ve helped to push this research even further with the Land Rover Bursary which is awarded annually to help the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) provide funding for geographical research and scientific expeditions.  The Bursary funding awarded £30,000 for the first time in 2012.

Land Rover’s 2013 Bursary including the loan of a Land Rover Defender was awarded to ‘Pole of Cold Expedition’, a team that will chase the onset of winter across northern Europe, from London to Siberia’s Pole of Cold – the coldest permanently inhabited place in the northern hemisphere, to understand how different and remote communities cope with the onset of winter.