Jaguar Land Rover Aims


Operating responsibly is key for sustainable business.

We have ambitious plans for the future. We also recognise that we operate in a resource-constrained world. So we are evolving our business to adapt to these challenges, nurturing the resources and communities on which we depend.

Not only does this reflect our commitment to being a good global citizen; This is modern, intelligent business. A way of thinking that is fundamental to sustainable business growth.

Our 360 degree approach examines our products and operations; as well as our work with suppliers, customers, employees and wider stakeholders - creating new partnerships and business practices.

We aim to: 

  1. Demonstrate leadership in sustainable business practices in all our activities across the world

  2. Create products that meet our future customers’ needs with less environmental impact

  3. Inspire future generations with the potential of technology; advancing knowledge and developing a more sustainable way of living

  4. Become a leader in sustainable social development which improves lives, in our local and global communities

  5. Engage our people, customers and partners in our Responsible Business vision

We have set ourselves some stretching targets for 2020 to help us achieve these goals; measuring and monitoring progress right across our business.

We’ve made great strides over the last five years, winning recognition both within and outside our industry. But there’s still more to do.

Our exciting agenda will ensure that strong commercial performance is coupled with long-lasting benefits to our social and natural environments.