Jaguar Car Interior

Using More Sustainable Materials

Using more sustainable materials is a major long term goal for us as a responsible business.

The planet’s resources are dwindling. Choosing and using materials responsibly will not only benefit our environment, it will also help us tackle future price fluctuations as demand for these precious resources increases.

Recycled Aluminium

The amount of recycled aluminium we use in our vehicles continues to rise. We work in partnership with the REAL CAR initiative who develop ways to employ recycled aluminium in our products.

Together we have identified a method of re-melting scrap aluminium generated in our own presses with those of our principle suppliers into a high-grade sheet metal alloy. Both the latest Jaguar XJ and the All New Range Rover feature recycled aluminium sheets.

We also now have a closed loop waste recovery and recycling system at our Castle Bromwich Jaguar production centre, as well as a trial process at Solihull, where Land Rover’s new all-aluminium models (The Range Rover and Range Rover Sport) are manufactured.

Switching to Organic Materials

Beyond the main car body, there are even wider opportunities to make responsible choices. We are reducing our use of synthetics and plastics by looking at more organic materials such as leather and natural rubber. (A key feature of the new Range Rover – whose leather interiors were sourced from Bridge of Weir in Scotland). Wood too, can be sourced responsibly from a sustainably managed forest to make stylish, premium interiors for our vehicles. 

These are just some of the ways we are working to define a more sustainable form of luxury and performance.