Reducing our Operational Impact

How do you build more vehicles whilst creating fewer emissions? It’s a challenge we’re continuing to respond to as we increase manufacturing capacity around the world to meet growing customer demand.

We’re proud that business is booming. And we recognise that with this comes even greater responsibility to minimise the environmental impacts of our operations.

We’re modifying everything from factory processes to logistics; Investing billions in new products, facilities and research and development; monitoring supplier performance against sustainability criteria, and building partnerships to deliver our CO2 reduction strategy.

Find out about our operational changes in more detail below.

  • Global Standards

    See how we're applying our forward-thinking principles around the world

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  • Reducing Emissions

    Learn how we're addressing and switching our energy requirements to help reduce our carbon footprint

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  • Using Resources Efficiently

    Find out how we reduce, re-use and recycle across our operations

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  • Reducing our Transport Impacts

    See how we're streamlining our logistics

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  • Sourcing more sustainably

    Discover how we are developing sustainability standards with our supply chain

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