Jaguar Land Rover Virtual Reality Dealership


Our customers are a vital part of our responsible business strategy. 

Jaguar and Land Rover are premium brands that deliver innovation and quality. And with this comes an expectation from our audience to manage our business responsibly.

This means listening to our customers; appreciating how their needs are changing; and gaining insight into new markets and audiences as our business grows. Being receptive to this will help us define the types of products customers want as they look to us to support their lives in a responsible way. 

It’s a two-way process. As well as listening to customers, we seek to inform and guide by sharing the latest knowledge and advances in the field: 

  1. Providing clear, transparent information about our vehicles’ environmental footprint
  2. Offering a range of product options that support sustainable choices
  3. Helping customers understand the role they can play, encouraging the adoption of more fuel-efficient driving and innovations

Through our brands, and in the showroom via our global network of dealers, we are working to include our customers on this exciting new journey. 

By listening to, and engaging with, our customers, we will help ensure that the benefits of responsible business extend beyond our doors and into the world our vehicles navigate.