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November 13 Sales Performance

  • Jaguar Land Rover delivers strong November sales performance retailing 37,403 vehicles, up 25%
  • Jaguar sells 6,244 vehicles in November, up 55%
  • Land Rover sells 31,159 vehicles in November, up 20%
  • Calendar year to date Jaguar Land Rover sells 384,339  vehicles, up 19%

Jaguar Land Rover, the UK's leading manufacturer of premium luxury vehicles continues its sales success with a strong November performance, retailing 37,403 vehicles in the month, up 25% versus the same period last year. During the first eleven months of the year, Jaguar Land Rover sold 384,339 vehicles, up 19%.

Sustained sales growth continues for Jaguar Land Rover with increases in: the China Region up 42%, North America up 37%, Asia Pacific up 32%, Europe up 7%, other overseas markets up 42%, with UK sales consistent with the previous year. Sales for the first eleven months of the year were up in all major regions with Asia Pacific up 30%, the China Region up 28%, North America up 21%, the UK up 14%, Europe up 6% and other overseas markets up 23%.

Commenting on the November performance Andy Goss, Jaguar Land Rover Group Sales Operations Director said: "November has been another solid month in what has so far, been a great year for Jaguar Land Rover. Our continued sales success is a testament to our sustained investment in new and exciting products which are driving growth internationally and attracting new customers to our brands".


In November, Jaguar sold 6,244 vehicles up 55% reflecting particularly strong demand for the XJ and all XF derivatives, up 62% and 39% respectively. Jaguar demonstrated significant growth in the China Region, with North America up 105%, Asia Pacific up 62%, Europe up 5%, other overseas markets up 16%, The UK was down 5% as the registration year comes to an end.

Calendar year to date, Jaguar sold 69,655 vehicles up 42% with increases in each major region: the China Region up 144%, North America up 44%, Asia Pacific up 30%, the UK up 17%, Europe up 17% and other overseas markets up 31%.

Land Rover

In November, Land Rover sold 31,159 vehicles, up 20% with strong performances from all models in the range: Defender up 27% and Range Rover Evoque up 10%. Range Rover and Range Rover Sport continue to sell well across all markets. Land Rover demonstrated growth in all major regions: North America up 25%, Asia Pacific up 25%, China Region up 27%, the UK showed an improvement, Europe up 7% and other overseas markets up 45%.

Calendar year to date, Land Rover sold 314,684 vehicles up 14% with increases in all major regions: Asia Pacific up 31%, North America up 15%, UK up 13%, China Region  up 14%, Europe up 4% and other overseas markets up 22%.