Jaguar Land Rover Virtual Engineering


Advanced design, engineering and technology have all played a part in Jaguar Land Rover’s success over the years. The company invests more in research and development than any other manufacturing company in the UK, which has allowed our thousands of world-class engineers to develop world-class innovations. It is these breakthroughs that Jaguar Land Rover can rely on to build better-performing vehicles, lower our environmental impact and inspire customers.

Our technological development is led by our world-class designers, engineers and production specialists who ensure that every Jaguar and Land Rover vehicle we create is as innovative as it is desirable. Thanks to the huge investment made across all our facilities in the last decade they have the most advanced tools at their disposal to build cars with cutting-edge technologies.

Virtual engineering – including 3D design rooms and printers – has cut down both the time and expense involved in making new vehicles. The clever use of aluminium has also led to the development of lighter, more eco-friendly cars, while test facilities, such as those provided by the Product Compliance Centre at Solihull, ensure that the range meets and exceeds the required legislative standards from around the world.

Technology is also enhancing the appeal to buyers and not simply by making the cars more desirable. Now, with our dealership’s Virtual Customer Experience, it is possible to spec a vehicle and have it projected onto a screen at full size, then view it from every angle and interact with it, almost as if it had been delivered to the showroom.

We continue to invest in new technologies, new architechtures and new products in order to drive future growth.