Jaguar Concept Car CX75

for the future

While there have been many breakthrough technologies from Jaguar Land Rover over the decades, our extensive investment in research and development means there are plenty more to come.

As the UK’s biggest investor in manufacturing research and development, Jaguar Land Rover is leading the way in developing innovative new solutions in several key areas. Major advances are currently being made in powertrain development and the use of hybrids, electronics and entertainment, and further into the future, technologies such as driverless cars.

There is also the aim of improving existing technology, to evolve interiors and exteriors, discover new energy storage and transmissions concepts, and to enhance weight distribution and performance.

These developments are informed by the company’s overall strategy of looking to continually reduce its CO2 emissions.

To create an environment that will result in such progressive ideas and successes, Jaguar Land Rover partners with a number of leading companies, such as Williams Advanced Engineering, who offer their own expertise. This is complemented by a plan to educate and develop engineers at home and abroad, partnering with schools, colleges and universities, forging an alliance with the Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG) at Warwick University, and also nurturing resources in India and China. With such a big focus on development, the company cements its status as a world leader in innovation and technologies of the future.